Malt Beverages - Summer Time Drinking

Jeremiah Weed is readying for the heat — Southern Style — with a new line of flavored malt beverages: Lightning Lemonade®, Roadhouse Tea™ and Spiked Cola™. Sold as 12 and 23.5 ounce canned beverages, each at 5.8% ABV. 

With zero caffeine, they could possibly be your go-to drinks for summer.....we tried'em - here is our review:

Lightning Lemonade® Premium Malt Beverage
Advertised as "reminiscent of a refreshing southern favorite."  We thought this beverage tasted remarkably like a Mike's Hard Lemonade.  Would most likely appeal to young women - you know the fruity taste so it doesn't taste like booze crowd.

Spiked Cola™ Premium Malt Beverage
Advertised as "real cola taste with a mild hint of bourbon flavor."  We found the bourbon flavor to be really strong.  Probably not for someone that wants a cola with a kick - you would have to really like the taste of bourbon for this one to go down smooth.

Roadhouse Tea™ Premium Malt Beverage
Inspired by the beloved Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea vodka. This one isn't carbonated.  We were a bit nervous to try this one.....after pouring some on ice we tipped it back - it is remarkably good!  Tastes like good'ole Southern sweet tea with the emphasis on sweet.  Goes down easy - maybe too easy!  It's a winner.

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