Big Bottom Whiskey

"Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake"

-W.C. Fields

Big Bottom Whiskey hand selects only the finest whiskeys from around the country for all connoisseurs to savor. Enjoyed neat or in a classic cocktail, their rich and sophisticated whiskeys offer a brilliant introduction into the whiskey world.

Big Bottom Whiskey is an independent bottler. They strive to work under the same philosophies of independent bottlers in Scotland. Big Bottom Whiskey works with multiple distilleries for their base product and finishes them using various methods to perfect the final product. 

Ted Pappas
Filled, corked and capped with enthusiasm and passion in Hillsboro, Ore. , Big Bottom Whiskey is the brainchild of founder Ted Pappas. Pappas believed Oregon to be a perfect place to distill and age a scotch style whiskey and his idea took fruition after a late night poker game when he and his buddies decided to go into the liquor business. After much research, including attending distilling school at Dry Fly Distilling, whiskey became the spirit of choice.

After months of tireless work and with doubt looming, Pappas was the only one of his poker buddies still pursuing the dream. Around this same time he had breakfast with a friend who encouraged him to look to the open market, select, purchase and bottle. That advice has propelled Pappas to “start that way and get into the distilling aspect once I’ve established myself and have a revenue stream.”

The company’s first foray into the whiskey world is an Indiana Bourbon. “At three years old, it shows above its age,” says Pappas. “At 91 proof, in honor of my classmates from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, this bourbon is wonderful straight with either a splash or small cube of ice as well as in your favorite cocktail.”

Next in line to be distributed by Big Bottom Whiskey is a special finished two year Straight Bourbon Whiskey. In addition Pappas is working with a distillery to produce his own recipe for a wheat whiskey with production expecting to start in quarter one of 2011 and an anticipated release date two years thereafter.

Pappas’s short-term goal for Big Bottom Whiskey is to be the premiere independent bottler in the country. His long-term goal for Big Bottom Whiskey is to bottle, distill and import quality products. It is important to Pappas that consumers trust the brand and his company. Big Bottom Whiskey is currently available in liquor stores around Oregon and this wonderfully smooth taste is on its way to California.

With a father who owned a restaurant, Pappas was raised around whiskey. Pappas not only drinks whiskey, he uses it for cooking. He suggests using Big Bottom Whiskey as a bourbon glaze for spareribs, turkey, sweet potato casserole and other favorite dishes you would like to spice up with flavor.

Success has found Big Bottom Whiskey in a big way. For the latest information on the company such as tasting schedules, drink recipes, etc. visit Big Bottom Whiskey facebook page or the Big Bottom Whiskey website.

A toast, a cheer and bottoms up to Pappas and his Big Bottom Whiskey. Remember to drink responsibly.

3 Year Old American Straight Bourbon Whiskey
January 2011 Release

Aged in new white oak casks and proofed at 91°, our American Straight Bourbon Whiskey consists of 36% rye. The complexity of the whiskey contains spicy undertones of cloves and allspice entwined with honeysuckle. The pleasing balances of spice create a long smooth finish.

2 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish
February 2011 Release

It needed to be a port cask, but not just from any port – a 10 year old Tawny Port from St. Helena, California. With the maturity of the port cask, it needed something that it could tame and compliment, not complicate. A youthful bourbon would suit it well.

Aged 2 years in charred new white oak barrels, this Straight Bourbon whiskey took a few lessons from the mature port cask and the result – a seamless match on the palate creating a long, pleasurable finish. 

Non-chilled filtered and proofed at 91°, this bourbon consists of 60% corn, 4% malted barley and 36% rye. This limited production finished bourbon only comes around once in a while. So savor every pour, since it may be a while before you see it again.


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