Chambord Flavored Vodka - At last!

It’s here at last!

We’ve been tantalized by all the tumult, and we’ve ogled the ads in the trade and society mags---and now Oregon gets to taste one of the most dazzling flavored vodkas to come out on the market in recent years:  Chambord Flavored Vodka

Everyone knows the luxurious, unctuous, sinfully rich and decadent flavors of the iconic black raspberry liqueur from France, Chambord, in its globe-shaped bottle in wrapped in glittery gold and royal purple.  Now it has a counterpart with the vodka, in an eye-catching clear bottle adorned in silver and filled with the delicate pink-purple blush of Chambord Flavored Vodka.

And it’s a fitting companion to the regal liqueur.  There was always the danger of echoing the rich, intense pervasive sweetness and lushness of Chambord, but the master blenders have pulled off a definite coup here, capturing the essence and soul of Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, but in a delicate, balanced, and elegant way.

Chambord Flavored Vodka smells and tastes like it looks:  rich, but restrained.  The black raspberry, blackberry, honey, and Madagascar Vanilla is there, with the addition of a lovely tropical hibiscus note that lifts it even higher, and the vodka base keeps it all crisp and lively.

Here’s a national website with an Oregon base, DrinkSpirits, and their take on an early sample of the Chambord Flavored Vodka when it made its U.S. debut.

This vodka should be finding its way into a great many creative cocktails.  As an indicator of that creativity, and the mixability of the vodka, the folks from Chambord have already championed some delightful concoctions from their own mixologists and fans.

Chambord Flavored Vodka has begun rolling out across the nation and will arrive this week in the State of Oregon, and will shortly be available in OLCC stores around the state at $24.95/750ml---so if your local store doesn’t have it, ask for it.  Or look for it on the back bar of your favorite boite:  it stands out, both visually and tastewise.  Sample it all by itself:  you’ll be surprised at how well it does all alone, well chilled, with its complex symphony of flavors.

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