Galliano Ristretto Espresso Coffee Liqueur

Galliano Ristretto, a favorite of Europe, is now available in the United States.
The buzz has been out around the country on Galliano Ristretto for a while.  You might remember Galliano as that tall yellow bottle filled with neon-yellow spirits and dressed with a gaudy Italian label.  You might also remember it for its one and only famous drink, the Harvey Wallbanger. 
But the venerable Galliano company, along with parent Lucas Bols Company, is going through a resurgence and coming out with new marketing campaigns for their traditional products as well as brand new products for line extensions.
Galliano Ristretto is a much talked about and highly regarded espresso coffee liqueur.  Think of a restricted (ristretto) pull of espresso from a dark, oily espresso roast coffee, with deep flavors of bitter chocolate whispering through, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the Ristretto is all about.
It’s intensely aromatic and intensely flavored---some tasters have even complained it might be too intense, but coffee lovers, who are abundant, are thrilled by it.
Either alone as a digestif after a particularly satisfying meal, to properly correct and enhance your cafecorreto, or as an interesting additive for a cocktail, you’ll be impressed by the espresso intensity of Galliano Ristretto.

written by Hoke Hardin

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