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Cupcake Vodka

Still true to the principals that created its great wines, Cupcake now offers you Cupcake Vodka.

As winemakers, they know the importance of using high quality, natural ingredients from start to finish. Like wine, truly good vodka comes only from truly good ingredients.

Cupcake Vodka delivers on all the promises of the Cupcake brand. The process of crafting the four vodka flavors has brought them back to when they started Cupcake Vineyards and reminded them of why they do this. They do this for you {yes you again}. It was for all of us really, so we can all enjoy a reward that is not pretentious or expensive. Just delicious.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. Cupcake has produced a vodka that is as rewarding and delicious as the wines that came before it. Handcrafted with the belief that good vodka comes from good ingredients, they use quality American grain, a touch of grape and natural flavors. They don’t add any unnatural sweeteners, because they don’t want their Vodka exaggeratedly sweet; it is clean, crisp and {you got it} delicious. They are proud to put our Cupcake name on these four super-premium flavors of Cupcake Vodka. So go ahead, Live Deliciously.

Of course they have flavors! Each is crafted after the signature version: Cupcake Vodka Original. They use natural ingredients and pay special attention to each step of the process. Using the finest American grains they distill six times and drive it home through charcoal filteration. The vodkas are cut with filtered water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the result is smooth and rewarding. Each flavor has been carefully designed. They never {ever} add artificial flavors or sweeteners. Cupcake wants the taste and aromas to be authentic and every moment a reward.

Zesty and Delicious. Cupcake Chiffon.

Lemon Citrus Flavored Vodka

The goal in making the Cupcake Chiffon was to keep the clean, smooth and creamy signature of Cupcake Vodka Original, but add in the natural flavor of Lemon Chiffon. Like Original, they started with all natural grain. As always,
they did not add artificial sweetners, so the flavor you taste is natural. Artificial flavors just can’t give you the same appetizing aromas or honest taste that Cupcake is committed to.

They crafted our Chiffon flavor carefully. You’d think a lemon is a lemon, right? Nope. There are all kinds of lemons in all levels of ripeness. Not to mention lemon zest, lemon rind and even the floral hints you can get from lemon flowers. The goal in mind was to re-create the moment you bite into a lemon chiffon cupcake. Creamy and aromatic without losing the clean crispness of Original. They nailed it. Enjoy.
Nutrition Facts - Chiffon

Doug Frost on Cupcake Chiffon

“When playing around with something like lemon, I always recommend adding just a little of the lemon blossom because it brightens up the palate and the nose. It makes it that much more attractive, and you pick up the glass and think ‘I want to try that!’”
Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Chiffon

The lemon notes in the nose are very bright and compelling, like fresh lemon pie filling topped with lemon zest; the mouth retains the clean, gentle, mineral flavors of Cupcake Original Vodka.

Dark and Delicious. Cupcake Devil’s Food.

Chocolate Flavored Vodka

Cupcake Devil’s Food was made for the chocolate lover in us all. Like in all the flavors they didn’t want to lose the Cupcake Vodka Original quality so they crafted Devil’s Food with the same natural grain, careful distillation and filtration to give us that signature creamy texture.

For the Chocolate flavor, they didn’t mess around: They wanted Devil’s Food. Not a milk chocolate my friends. A dark, rich, bittersweet chocolate. They used natural flavor. This allows the clean, crispness of Cupcake Vodka original to remain at the core.

Nutrition Facts - Devil's Food

Doug Frost on Cupcake Devil’s Food

“If you have ever worked with chocolate you know how many options there are to choose from and how complex the flavor can be. We went for Devil’s Food with the dark, rich, bittersweet flavor. That was really fun because there are a million things on your palate to work with.”
Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Devil’s Food

A delightful blend of dark and bittersweet chocolate. The nose is intense, even powerful, while the mouth balances the richness and weight of chocolate against the subtle tree fruit and citrus characters of the Original Cupcake Vodka for a clean and smooth finish.

Vanilla Dream. Cupcake Frosting.

Vanilla Flavored Vodka

No cupcake is complete without Frosting! The Cupcake Frosting is delicious and vanilla flavored with the clean, smooth taste of Cupcake Vodka Original.  The signature creamy texture of everything that Cupcake produces starts with high quality natural ingredients that go into making it. They used 100% American grains, cut it with fresh water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and finished with natural vanilla flavor.

Nutrition Facts - Frosting

Doug Frost on Cupcake Frosting

“Frosting is different than just vanilla. There are a lot of different kinds of vanilla and it’s a matter of layering those flavors on top of each other to get the sense, almost a tactile feeling, that there is frosting in front of you.”
Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Frosting

Fun and frothy vanillin aromas and flavors that perfectly capture the enticing character of white frosting. Despite the sweet and engaging nose, the true quality of Cupcake Vodka comes through: velvety, soft, mineral and gentle citrus notes.

Clean. Crisp. Delicious.

Cupcake Vodka Original

They knew when they started making the Original Vodka and planned to put the Cupcake name on it, that it had to be done right! They blended and tasted and blended and tasted {I know, it’s a hard life, right?}. But all joking aside, they wanted to create a vodka that was enjoyable, affordable and had honest taste and aromas. That is the foundation of Cupcake Vodka. They went to great lengths to find the best ingredients. They took the time to craft it. Just clean, crisp, authentic vodka with Cupcake’s signature, creamy undertones.

Nutrition Facts - Cupcake Vodka Original 

Doug Frost on Cupcake Vodka Original

“What makes a good vodka is that it has not been sugared up…that is what I like about Cupcake Vodka and the Cupcake team. They get that; they are wine makers and they are willing to do the work to produce the real thing.”
Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Original

The grain character shows immediately in the nose and on the palate: crisp cleanliness as well as a soft, grainy counterpoint to the texture. The nose is very clean; the palate is middleweight, while the finish is lingering with gentle mineral flavors.


Made With Cupcake Vodka

Apple Crumb Cupcake
{with Cupcake Vodka Original}

Chocolate Chippy Cupcake
{with Cupcake Devil’s Food}

Orange Passion Cupcake
{with Cupcake Frosting}

Featured Cupcake Cocktail:

Cupcake Cabana
{with Cupcake Chiffon}
  • 2 oz Cupcake Chiffon Vodka
  • 1 Med Sized Chunk of Pineapple
  • 1.5 oz Passion Fruit Nectar
  • 1 Small Chunk of Banana
  • Perrier® or Soda Water
Muddle the banana and the pineapple in a mixing glass with the Cupcake Chiffon Vodka. Add ice and the passion fruit nectar and shake vigorously. Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with Perrier or soda water.

Source material:  http://www.cupcakevodka.com/

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