Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey - this dog don't bite!

This whiskey earned a gold medal in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is so new that the product website is incomplete. 

Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey is latest entry in the fruit–flavored whiskey category, spurred by the popularity of Jim Beam’s Red Stag, a cherry–flavored whiskey.

Bird Dog hunts well on cracked ice, but I suspect talented bartenders will find ways to may it howl.

We haven't personally tried it - but I did find a few reviews - to wit:

User Reviews
Name: Carbon60

Comments: Tasty and affordable - Try it Chilled!     

Name: wolverine2211
Comments: I have been drinking / sipping Bird Do Blackberry since it first hit the market. I LOVE it and I have been a whiskey drinker since 1978. Its smooth, not too sweet, and has the "just right touch" for the new whiskey enthusiast. If ever a blackberry whiskey should arise then this will be the mark to me.

The brand was submitted by Western Spirits--whose website is also currently under construction--and our best guess is that they own the brand and have commissioned its production by contract to Three Springs.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau lists the Three Springs Bottling Company of Kentucky as the producer of the spirit. We're opting to state that Three Springs is the producer to represent the source of the spirit rather than Western Spirits, which appears to be the owner of the brand itself.

Please contact us if you try this whiskey and give us YOUR review!


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