Portland, OR Pedicabs paired with it's Famous Distillery Row

By Hoke Harden

Portland's Famous Pedicabs      Photo:  Hoke Harden
There can’t be a better possible combination than a perfect day in Portland (for those who almost forgot, it’s called “Summer”), a Portland Pedicab and the DistilleryRowPDX Passport Program.

On the gorgeous serendipity of the finest day of the year, the DistilleryRowPDX Passport Program kicked off Sunday, June 5 with a special preview of all the conveniences and delights in store for tourists and locals to enjoy on Distillery Row, starting with a kick-off party at the Jupiter Hotel, complete with some tasty bar drinks using only Portland-made spirits, a dj spinning some tunes, and a shuttle bus to convey the partygoers to the different distilleries, along with plenty of PDX Pedicabs ferrying people around plein air.

Photo:  Hoke Harden
After listening to some up-tempo mixes that nodded to the young and the old among us (Hello, Bob Seger who never goes out of style!) and sipping a refreshing warm-day cocktail made with Stone Barn Brandyworks Un-Oaked Rye Whiskey, grapefruit juice and triple sec with a twist, we were ready to go on our free-wheeling journey. 

The PDX Pedicab Passport program is a real winner, and would be perfect for visitors to our fair city who want to see the sights in unhurried comfort very much in keeping with Portland’s attitude and image---but without all the sweating.  The pedicab drivers are happy to do that---as one said with a smile, “Hey, we’re getting paid to exercise and do what we love too.”---and they know the heart of the city better than anyone bound to four wheels could.

Stone Barn Brandyworks          Photo:  Hoke Harden
With the Passport you get so much more though.  You get the detailed and descriptive passport maps locating all the distilleries, restaurants and bars, coffee shops, shopping, entertainment, art exhibits, hotels---and to be particularly Portland a vegan place and a tattoo parlor—and other points of interest that partner with the program, with substantial discounts galore for drinkers, munchers and shoppers.

The Distilleries on DistilleryRowPDX are House Spirits, New Deal Distillery, Deco Distilling, Stone Barn Brandyworks, Integrity 
Spirits, Highball Distilling & Sub Rosa Spirits, and Bushwhacker Cider.

So if you can imagine yourself gliding along in old-style comfort, silently and slowly cruising through the streets of old Portland, stopping at some welcoming artisanal distillery or two along the way, this program’s for you.

Your pedicab awaits: what are you waiting for?

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