Dita Von Teese - Tribute to Cointreau

New Orleans, LA (June 2010) – Cointreau and Dita Von Teese brought a taste of Hollywood glamour to Tales of the Cocktail! The French spirits brand hosted the opening performance for the famed cocktail festival with Dita Von Teese performing her sultry “Be Cointreauversial” burlesque act as well as other notable performances at The House of Blues. 

For the first time ever, New Orleans natives and cocktail enthusiasts experienced Dita’s mesmerizing “Be Cointreauversial” performance, as well as her signature cocktail, the Cointreau Teese, and other classic cocktails such as the Cointreau Cosmopolitan and Cointreau Original Margarita.

While Dita Von Teese has served as muse and International Brand Ambassadress for Cointreau since 2007, this was the first time that the burlesque beauty performed the “Be Cointreauversial” show in New Orleans, and there was no better moment than the opening of Tales of the Cocktail. 

An International style icon, Dita Von Teese brought a new level of style and glamour to the country’s leading cocktail celebration. Itself the birthplace of burlesque, New Orleans, or more specifically, the French Quarter is was ideal location for the raven-haired beauty’s ”Be Cointreauversial” debut, and The House of Blues was the perfect venue to host this Cointreauversial performance.

"I'm was very excited to bring my "Be Cointreauversial" burlesque show to New Orleans for Tales of a Cocktail,” said Dita Von Teese, “New Orleans has a rich history in burlesque... it's a unique and sensual city that I've always loved, so I was thrilled to make a return at last with the New Orleans' debut of one of my favorite shows!"

On Monday, July 19th and Tuesday, July 20th, 2010, Dita Von Teese took New Orleans by storm with her thrilling “Be Cointreauversial” performance. Guests enjoyed Cointreau cocktails and waited in anticipation while being treated to a bevy of special guests, including Mr. Murray Hill, Selene Luna, Duke Lafayette, Perle Noir, and more! 

Following the opening performances, attendees were wowed as Dita Von Teese bathes in a life size Cointreau glass, embellished with Swarovski crystals. Dita Von Teese’s extraordinary performance certainly set the bar high for the rest of the week’s events at Tales of the Cocktail.

Dita Von Teese displays a certain irreverence, spiritedness and je-ne-sais-quoi that exemplify Cointreau’s “Be Cointreauversial” brand mantra. The paradoxes inherent in Cointreau: a soft edge that clouds upon contact with ice; a delicate taste that explodes in the mouth, followed by a well-tempered tone also reflect a spirit with “Cointreauversial” character.

We’re ecstatic that Cointreau brought Dita Von Teese’s “Be Cointreauversial” performance to Tales of the Cocktail this year,” said Ann Tuennerman, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail, “Her performance will be the perfect beginning to what is sure to be an exciting week; and what better way to start the festivities than with Cointreau cocktails?”

A Contrieaupolitain Lesson by Dita Von Teese - CLICK HERE

About Cointreau
Created more than 150 years ago in Angers, in the French Loire Valley, Cointreau is one of the world’s most famous crystal clear spirits. Cointreau’s distinctive amber square-shaped bottle is a global icon, and its subtle taste is a perfect balance of bitter and sweet orange peels grown and meticulously selected for their quality. An essential ingredient in the Cosmopolitan and other top shelf cocktails, such as the Sidecar and Cointreaupolitan, it is best known as being a key ingredient in the most popular cocktail in the US the Original Margarita. In 1948, socialite Margarita Sames combined Cointreau, tequila and lime to create the original margarita. Its versatility, defined by its capacity to combine the richness of its flavors and aroma, make it a perfect choice neat or on ice.
Today, more than 13 million Cointreau bottles are sold worldwide and Cointreau remains the authentic choice of many top bartenders in the smartest and most fashionable bars.

About Dita Von Teese
Renowned worldwide for her astounding performances featuring her elaborate signature props and opulent costumes, Dita Von Teese is the international queen of Burlesque and a muse to fashion designers worldwide. With the ability to bring pin-up imagery to life, Dita allows admirers to relive the golden age of femme fatales and glamour girls, while gracing the pages of fashion magazines and starring in events held around the world.

About Tales of the Cocktail 
Tales of the Cocktail is an internationally acclaimed festival of cocktails, cuisine and culture held annually in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event brings together the best and brightest of the cocktail community—awardwinning mixologists, authors, bartenders, chefs and designers—for a fiveday celebration of the history and artistry of making drinks. Each year offers a spirited series of dinners, demos, tastings, competitions, seminars, book signings, tours and parties all perfectly paired with some of the best cocktails ever made.


A surprising and mouth-watering cocktail with an incredibly attractive and glamorous pink colour; the perfect introduction to a new world of sensations…


Pour into a shaker with ice:

-    50ml (1.6 fl oz) Cointreau
-    30ml (1 fl oz) Cranberry juice
-    20ml (0.6 fl oz) Lemon juice

Shake and strain into a martini glass.


The bartender's tip: add the orange zest to your drink.

Live Cointreauversially. Drink Responsibly.
©2010 Cointreau Corp. COINTREAU® Liqueur. 40% alc./vol. Imported by Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc. New York, NY. BE COINTREAUVERSIAL®. www.cointreau.com

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