Grand Touring Vodka - Sip in STYLE!

Grand Touring Vodka began with a singular goal – create a classic vodka made right here in the United States. The journey commenced with a trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. There, tucked away in a little slice of heaven, we discovered a small glass column still trickling out the purest of vodkas – clean, crisp and smooth. This vodka was so smooth that when simply poured on ice, it was immediately evident that we had found what we were looking for – a vodka with true drinkability.

The next step was to tweak the formula so that we could repeat it. Relying on a team of degreed experts (with some self-proclaimed “expert palates” thrown in) we hit on an impeccable taste profile. Formula in hand, we set out on a grand tour – delivering the finest vodka to our closest friends and family. The response was overwhelming.

With the public’s affirmation and our founding team in tow, we decided to take the bounty of our labor to the masses with our grandest tour yet. No longer will slick marketing campaigns and high prices shape people’s opinions as to what is “the best” – let the vodka speak for itself.

Drink well.

Live grand.

Tour in style.

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