Legendary Buffalo Trace Bourbon

We know many of you readers agree with us that good bourbon is best enjoyed with a good story. Most distilleries recognize this and present their whiskeys with a nostalgic label or grand tale. I’ve noticed the real story has to be in the taste. Buffalo Trace combines both of these in the right way. 

With a great aroma, nearly sugary taste even with water, and a smooth finish, we are highly appreciative of the care that goes into distilling this remarkable spirit.  No wonder this Distillery (also responsible for Blanton’s and Weller’s) were named Distiller of the Year for the past three years by several industry publications. We were so distracted by this bourbon’s easy drinking, we forgot to watch the playoffs!

Check out a well spun yarn at buffalotrace.com under Adventurer’s Diaries  

Nose: A complex procession of vanillas and the usual citrus presence offering a thin veneer.

Palate: A series of soft explosions light up the taste buds, but again it is the corn that dominates, its soft oils acting as a buffer for the rye and spice.

Finish: Long and improbably elegant with the smaller grains at last finding a coherent voice; the sweeter vanilla joined by a dry, toasty oakiness.

Comment: As an everyday bourbon, there is little to match this one. It's all about balance and complexity and injections here and there of the elements that make bourbon unique.
Rating 93.5
Jim Murray's 2009 Whisky Bible
Double Gold Medal winner
2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Wine Enthusiast rating:
Superb (90 - 95)

Buffalo Trace Golden Statue at the Distillery Meadow
Initial aroma displays elements of spice, sautéed butter and old leather gloves; following aeration the fat/butter component dominates. Palate entry is corny sweet and almost fruity; at midpalate tastes include sweet oak, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, tar and beeswax. Concludes spirity and feisty. One of the greatest values in the worldwide whiskey category. Best Buy.
WINE Enthusiast Magazine
The flagship Bourbon from the Distillery of the Year is The Spirit to Explore



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