$300 Spanish Coffee: but do I get free refills?

H50 Bistro & Bar in the stylish boutique Hotel Fifty in downtown Portland, OR, announced it would be featuring one of the most expensive cups of coffee in the city.  Not a mean feat in this city of coffee purists!
The H50 Bistro & Bar is something of a hangout for the stylish set (that's where they were their flannel shirts pressed) and now there's a coffee drink for their delectation.

But not just any coffee drink!  One of the most popular coffee concoctions in the city of Portland for some years now is Spanish Coffee, so the H50 has created a $300 Spanish Coffee.

How do you make a cup of coffee for $300?  It's all in the ingredients.

First, you use really good coffee.  In this case, Ethiopian beans from a single grower sourced from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Second, you throw in a house-made Madagascar Vanilla Kahlua with some white truffle oil mist.  Madagascar vanilla and white truffles aren't cheap, you know.

Top it all with a dollop of Licor 43 Liqueur-infused whipped cream (and that's Spanish, so you can call it 'Spanish Coffee') and sugar the rim of the cup with gold-flaked sugar.

What else?  Oh, yeah:  add one ounce each of Remy-Martin's Louis XIII Cognac from its Baccarat Crystal decanter and Grand Marnier 150 Year Liqueur (officially known as Cuvée Speciale Cent Cinquantenaire "Special Sesquicentennial Edition") from its gilded art deco bottle.  And there you have it:  the $300 Spanish Coffee.

And they'll flame it for you too.

And their policy is "no free refills."  Sorry.

by Hoke Harden

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